Safeguarding Children and Young People
Date of Event Metropolitan Outer East: Mon Jul 8, 2019 3:43PM
Safeguarding Children and Young People



Australian Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children and Young People’ is in place to ensure that cricket creates a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all Children and Young People associated with our sport from Affiliated Associations and Clubs through to Australian Cricket programs and services.


As a part of Australian Cricket, we are all committed to ensuring that Safeguarding Children and Young People is central to the development of our game. By creating a national Policy focused on Safeguarding Children and Young People, we can now provide greater support to community cricket clubs and associations. This is through having nationally consistent resources, supported by dedicated website content and links to organisations such as “Play By The Rules”. Helping everyone understand their responsibilities when around children, and how to report any incidences of abuse.


Cricket Australia are committed to delivering on Child Safety and the Safeguarding Children & Young People policy is in place to ensure that cricket creates a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all Children and Young People associated with our sport.

Implementing the Child Safe framework is made simple for clubs to adopt with five steps in which to follow which includes;


  • Uploading all Child Safety documents to the club website to ensure parents and members of the community are aware of the policy.

  • Appointing a Child Safety Officer who will lead child safety at the club and provide an environment where club members and children can feel comfortable speaking up about issues relating to child safety and inappropriate behaviours

  • Undertaking an induction for all cricket participants and members of the community, including reading all the policies within Child Safety documentation and completing all modules within the Child Protection Online Course.


Boronia Cricket Club have been working hard to adopt and endorse the policy by uploading all policies to their website which is easily accessible for club members, players and parents. Mountain Gate Cricket Club have also appointed a Child Safety officer, who is displayed on the club’s website with their contact details. Both clubs have taken steps in showcasing their commitment to driving Child Safety in their communities within local sport, and we urge other clubs to do the same.


For more information about safeguarding children and young people in cricket and to learn more about endorsing implementing child safe standard at your local club visit


Author: Evan Stamatopoulos

Last updated: Monday October 14, 2019 1:15PM