Online Registration 201920 Resources




With Online registration becoming compulsory this season for junior players, we thought we would centralise a list of all the available resources that are there for our clubs to access in setting this up. For all of these, we recommend sitting down and bringing your mycricket up in front of you so you can use them as you are going along and setting them up.




1. Video "How To" Guides and

These are a series of one to two minutes videos that you can watch which will show you where to be on mycricket, what to click, what to type and what it should look like at the end. They are a great resource to be able to pause, rewind and work at your own pace when setting up your forms.



2. MyCricket Support Articles:

There are a series of written support articles for those who perhaps prefer to read, follow a checklist or maybe think they are missing something from the video support. Click through on the above link to see a full list of support articles written just for 2019/20 online registration.



3. MyCricket Support Team:

There are a team of people in our support centre who are specialists at the online registration process, including all the ins and outs for when you have mastered this and are ready to expand your offerings online. You can contact them by either submitting a request online - follow the link above and click on "Submit Request" in the top right hand corner OR you can call them on 1800 CRICKET to speak to someone.


4. Club Officer and Region Team

If all of the above are failing you or you aren't getting the speed of response you need to get something done, please contact Angus Gauld your Club Officer as your next port of call. Angus can chase this up for you and try to ensure we get a response ASAP. You can get in touch with Angus via the details below:



Phone: 0466 944 878