Club Go To Guides

This season we have put together a series of documents designed to become a snapshot of tasks and key considerations clubs may have during three distinct phases of the year.

Club Go to Guides:

1. Pre-Season 

2. In-Season

3. Post-Season

We have broken these down into three different checklists that clubs can use to inform your own handover documents from year to year, or use for their own purposes to ensure that new committee are aware of some of the key tasks that need to be done prior to the season, during the season or at the end of the season.

The purpose for breaking them up is to allow you to focus on key tasks that are relevant at that time, rather than trying to be across everything all at once.

We are constantly taking feedback on these so we encourage clubs to review them and provide us with feedback on what you might want more information on, or perhaps which aspects are included in there that you don't need.

You can download these by clicking on the file names above.


There is a more comprehensive breakdown for all aspects of the season available via the community Cricket Website - see the link below to access these documents:

For more information or to pass on feedback, contact Outer East Club Officer Angus Gauld at